St Pete EcoVillage Fall Fundraiser

St Pete EcoVillage Fall Fundraiser

Fall Fundraiser For Soil

Fall is coming fast!  We are ready to ramp up planting seeds and transplant our seedlings in preparation for a great growing season.The St Pete EcoVillage is asking for your help to ensure we the proper resources for our plants, volunteers and consumers of food grown at the EcoVillage.

What we need:

  • 10 Yards of Living Local Potting Soil
  • Fertilizer and Soil Amendments

Why we need it:

  • Great soil is the first step to a hearty crop no matter what you’re growing, we choose to partner with a local dependable family- owned and operated business serving Pinellas County since 1985.

How can you help?:

Help us in our mission to provide space, education and opportunity to the entire community through the creation of a thriving community garden that can be an example to all! Your contributions will result in happy and healthy plants providing food, experiences and education where it is needed.


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