EcoVillage Open House

January 6, 2018

Published by: Bryan Blackford

The EcoVillage Open House on Saturday January 6, 2018 was a huge success! We had many people come out to see sustainable living put into practice!

We had several large groups go through the village on tours. The first part of the tour included a walk around our urban farm, and talking with our beekeeper. Many people had questions about how to start their own edible garden. The Open House presented many opportunities to local residents that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

“I’m going to start coming on the community days” said one visitor who had not yet had a chance to come see the garden. 

The second part of the tour included a brief walk-through of green and blue houses, highlighting how simply some of the residents live. Tours also got to see a sneak peak of our new “fully sustainable” house which will be finished soon.

Finally, visitors were able to see three tiny houses on display. The first is made from a shipping container. It’s able to be transported, but also very heavy which doesn’t make it ideal for travel. 

Our second tiny house on display is what is currently being referred to as our “EcoVillage on Wheels” display. This tiny house can be transported to local schools and events, to help the community understand our mission.

The last tiny house on the tour was brought in by a local partner. It was on a trailer, but you wouldn’t have even guessed it! It looked exactly like a miniature house. Everyone got a chance to pop inside and check it out. Many tour groups found themselves in a deep discussion with their guide about how they can support the movement, because currently, tiny houses on wheels are not permitted as dwelling places. 

We are so thankful for everyone who came out and showed interest in the EcoVillage! We’re excited for the future, and look forward to having more community events like this soon!

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